Operational Excellence in Brownfields

Aconcagua Energia
We are an independent Argentinean Energy Company with a highly qualified management team. We are characterized by the professionalism of our people and the responsible management of our operations.

Our Management Model seeks to maximize efficiency in production and management processes, based on automation and process autonomy.
"Our Challenge: Developing sustainable business".
"Our Objective: Mature Assets and Brownfields".
Mission of Aconcagua Energía
To improve our society's life quality by contributing to the country's energy sustainability.
Vision of Aconcagua Energía
We want to be recognized as a professional, innovative and responsible company, capable of developing operational excellence in brownfields, providing well-being to our society in a sustainable manner.
Management Model
Direct management oriented to planning and scheduling tasks and resources
Exploitation of resources efficiently and sustainably
Integration of all our stakeholders with a long-term vision
Catriel Oeste Area
Concession: EDHIPSA
Area located in Rio Negro Province
Area: 45 km2
Oil Treatment Plant
Water Injection Plant
SLOP Treatment Plant
Operator: Aconcagua Energía
Operating Base Catriel Oeste
Operation of 7 Batteries
242 Drilled Wells
101 Active Oil Wells
47 Injection Wells
Area Catriel Viejo
Concession: EDHIPSA
Operator: Aconcagua Energía
Field located in Rio Negro Province
296,5 km2
34 Drilled Wells
1 Active Oil Well
Battery Operation

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